Japanese Garden

Couple on red bridge

This garden is a wonderful location for events such as intimate wedding ceremonies, photo shoots, and memorials. The wooded surroundings and waterscape do not allow for larger events. Please note the special care required for this rental:

  1. No food service is allowed
  2. No chairs are allowed
  3. You are responsible for the complete setup and breakdown of the event
  4. There is no use of glitter, silly string, flower petals (natural or otherwise) or confetti
  5. No material in any form can be applied to any plant life, with no exceptions. Violation of this policy will result in the immediate forfeiting of the full amount of the security deposit. This includes but is not limited to fabric, lanterns, candles, string lights, etc.
  6. All other guidelines from the Policies and Procedures Guide must also be followed


  • Rental fee--$150 based on a one-hour event
  • Security deposit--$150
  • Application fee--$100
  • Sales tax--7%
  • Garden attendant fee--$25/hour
  • Insurance premium(s) charge --$1 per expected number of participants/projected number of people in attendance
  • $150 per additional hour (includes garden attendant fee)


Out of this total, your $150 security deposit is refundable 30 days after the event date.