Our Advisory Committee

Marty Mueller
(Advisory Committee Chair) Past President

Edouard Duval Carrie
Miami-based Haitian-American Painter and Sculptor

Timothy Rodgers, PhD
Art Historian; Director, The Wolfsonian-FIU

Colin Foord
Marine Biologist; Founder, Coral Morphologic

Raymond Jungles
Landscape Architect; President, Raymond Jungles, Inc. (RJI); Author, The Cultivated Wild

Donna B. O’Higgins
Past President, Board of Directors; Co-chair, Annual Garden Tour

Timothy Dodson
Past Vice-President, Board of Directors; Communications Consultant

Suzanne J. Stolar
Past President, Board of Directors

Jesse Durko
Horticulturist; Owner, Durko Tropical Gardens

Joy V. W. Malakoff
Former Miami Beach Commissioner/Arborist