Sunday, December 11, 2016 -
10:00am to 1:00pm

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What’s Your Fragrance Personality? Scent is a very personal thing, especially in your fragrances, and selecting one can be fun or it can be frustrating. Elise Pearlstine, natural perfumer, will guide you in creating your very own Idea Board with imagery and words to describe your individual perfume personality. Working in small groups with a custom perfume kit you will develop your
concept, sniff and evaluate beautiful natural perfume notes, and
construct a perfume with Elise and your Idea Board as your guide.
Using the traditional French method of top, heart, and base accords you will blend your very own 1/3-ounce custom perfume to name, label, and take home. As an award-winning natural perfumer with 10 years of experienccreating perfumes and leading workshops and events in south Florida and
California, Elise loves guiding new ‘perfumers’ as they bottle their aromatic inspiration.

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Materials will be provided for the class: a small kit of natural aromatics such as essential oils, floral extracts, and pre-blended notes like rose/jasmineor blood orange/black pepper with a short handout, materials necessary for evaluating and blending (fragrance blotters, pipettes, labels etc.) and a 1/3 ounce (7ml) bottle in which YOU will blend YOUR OWN perfume.

Type of Event: Health and Wellness, Workshops, Arts and Cultural

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