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Call: 305.673.7256 9am - 5pm, or visit the Botanical Boutique 9am - 5pm

Event date: Jan 21, 2021 11:00am to 5:00pm


The inspiration for my Exhibition came from several areas including, What feelings does a Botanical Garden bring?  Particularly, the tropical nature of many of the plants.    I was curious about the elements that go into planning a Botanical Garden, that it is a man made design celebrating life and the diversity and beauty of nature and in the case of Miami Beach Botanical Garden, the additional element of sharing a border with the Holocaust Memorial and what this adds to the experience.  One design is refined, minimal and elegant and the extreme contrast of the Garden is an exuberance of, color, shape, style, all beautifully balanced throughout.  This added a deeper, element to my paintings which was thought provoking and meaningful.  this public art installation at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, a corridor is formed with angled convex mirrors attached to cinder blocks. Prado’s work in this space operates as a physical alteration that interferes and deconstructs the visitor's experience in the garden. As bodies move between this passage of mirroring sculptures, reflections of fragmented bodies and garden elements are collaged into one. Although the perception of the work differs greatly depending on the walking speed, angle, and distance one decides to engage with, an important aspect doesn’t change—when the viewer’s image is caught on the reflective surface, the sense of self and notion of existence is activated by the work.